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LLI Alumni

Started Feb 16, 2017

$1,000 Enroll

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Welcome to the Leverage Leadership Institute Community!

Welcome to the LLI Alumni Community! We hope that this creates a space for you to have a vibrant, engaged community who can lean on each other and us in the important work of ensuring full opportunities for every child. Within this community, you will find access to Leverage Leadership materials in addition to discussion forums and ways to communicate and leverage your fellow leaders. 

Goals for the Leverage Leadership Institute: 

To increase student achievement across the globe by honoring, training, and developing the most outstanding school leaders:

  1. Define and codify excellence in instructional leadership via the Leverage Leadership model.
  2. Create proof points for replicable exceptional results in every district/region/organization.
  3. Create a cadre of certified leaders that can train and coach others to reach these same results.