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Closing the Lesson

Started Jun 9, 2016

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Your lesson closing "anchors" the learning of that day in your students' memories. A great closing provides an opportunity for students to review the key points of the lesson to increase retention and preview what comes next so they can make sense of the broader arc of their learning. Great closings also include an opportunity for teachers to do a final check of their students' mastery and understanding, which gives both teacher and students helpful data about the progress made that day.

Anchor your lesson with a strong closing, and you increase the likelihood that students will be able to come back to that knowledge, skill, or understanding the next day and be ready to build on it. Without this final step, students don't know where they stand and how what they learned that day fits into the bigger picture.

In this course, you'll learn how to summarize the day's learning, preview what comes next, and assess your students' progress in the lesson with an Exit Ticket. Online, you'll explore each of these elements in action and then draft your own plans for closing an upcoming lesson. In-person, you'll have a chance to get feedback on your plans and then practice your execution with colleagues.