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Teaching Struggling Writers, Elementary

Started Jun 9, 2016

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A student who struggles to communicate through writing is at a disadvantage in writing essays, lab reports, and cover letters — as well as grant applications, wedding toasts, or letters to the editor. Writing is arguably the most powerful form of communication. However, the National Assessment of Education (2011) has indicated that only one out of every five high school seniors acquires age-appropriate writing knowledge and skills by graduation. Steve Graham and Dolores Perrin suggest that, “young people who do not have the ability to transform thoughts, experiences, and ideas into written words are in danger of losing touch with the joy of inquiry, the sense of intellectual curiosity, and the inestimable satisfaction of acquiring wisdom that are the touchstones of humanity” (Graham and Perrin, 2007).

Few people would say that writing is an easy skill; in fact, many would argue that writing is a highly complex, multifaceted, and challenging skill. To be a skilled writer, you need to navigate the mechanics of writing while simultaneously focusing on organization, audience, perspective, and purpose.

This module is about how to support struggling writers. You’ll learn why students struggle with writing, and about how to help struggling writers become independent, confident writers.